Initially conceived to aid emergency workers to protect themselves and members of the public from smoke inhalation, these perfectly sized portable oxygen canisters containing 99.5% pure oxygen have become an essential lifestyle enhancement. The extraordinary events of 2020 have highlighted the importance of overall fitness, health and wellbeing, which our high purity breathable oxygen can assist with. Our development programme was therefore accelerated and the launch brought forward to September 2020, and we’ve seen unprecedented demand.

OXYGEN PRO has become the solution to aid immediate physiological recovery such as breathing support when ill, to alleviate fatigue and stress, enhance exercise and performance and can be used when acclimatising to a new altitude or time zone to reduce sickness and jetlag. OXYGEN PRO also supports the elderly and for those with temporary breathing difficulties or suppressed respiratory symptoms as a result of living in areas with poorer air quality.

Our 22 litre and 35 litre versions are made using a globally patented technology. This allows us to insert almost 300% more oxygen than any of the other available brands in the same sized oxygen canister. We proudly manufacture OXYGEN PRO in the United Kingdom in an ISO Certified Facility with stringent quality control in place. Our unique canisters and other components are all made from as many carefully considered environmentally friendly materials as possible. Not only are we improving lives, but we are doing so with the utmost care and respect for our environment.

OXYGEN PRO is ideal as a lifestyle enhancer for everyone and is suitable for all age groups and lifestyles.