Naturals Collection

Oxygen Pro Naturals contain 99.5% High-Purity Breathable Oxygen compressed in conveniently-sized, portable canisters. Use our oxygen therapy canisters as a performance and recovery aid or to increase stamina and concentration. Other benefits include but are not limited to deepened relaxation and improved sleep. Choose from our Oxygen Pro patented Natural 35L, Natural 22L, or Natural 15L canister sizes. Our Oxygen Pro Natural 22 Litre and Natural 35L canisters contain 3 to 4 times more Oxygen than our competitors' comparable products!

Naturals (12)

2 x 22L Oxygen Canister Refills - 99.5%


2 x 22L Oxygen Canisters with Inhaler Cups - 99.5%


3 x 9L Rosemary Oxygen Canisters with Inhaler Cup - 99.5%